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Designer Apartment

Working in the International Fine Art Industry. We have decided to create a space, where we can help the customer bring art to empty interior/exterior walls. 

Established in 2021. During the Corona Virus pandemic, we realized how much time we spend, between 4 walls. You might get the feeling the wall is empty, and are looking for something to full that empty wall space. BUT DONT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN?

Thus we came up with the idea, to help people bring art to the empty space. That would be according the property specifications & interior/exterior qualities.


Gaining the boosting benefits of art. 

ZAAI CONSULTANTS, is remote but also online. To cater for your needs.

We want to work with everybody, from art collectors, property developers all the way to interior designers and museums ect.



Museums and galleries can be intimidating at first, some people might not have the time to walk in a museum or gallery or there is way to many to choose from.


ZAAI ART CONSULTANTS want to make the process easier to choose the right art for you. While sourcing country wide. Supporting local artists and clients needs.

We take our mission very seriously. Offering high quality service, professionalism and motivation is very important. Putting the clients first.

Posters in Restaurant Wall
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