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We believe in building connections with our clients and artists, to find suitable art for your empty wall space. Sourcing art from our local South African artists.

Some people might have realised they have no artwork against their walls or at the work walls.  Or may be curious about artwork but dont known where to begin.  Or just have the empty wall.



That's how ZAAI ART CONSULTANTS has launched. To fill that gap. Bringing the art to the client, we source the artwork that you like, that would suit the interior design and also the property style.

During the whole process we connect the artist and client  together and make sure it suits the space. Maybe the client would be interested in future commissions, which ZAAI ART CONSULTANTS also offer.



We also want to expand the clients knowledge about art, and create a interest in art. Because every human being has a, deep connection with art. We help you unlock that. Whether the art style be Fine Art, Pop Art, Impressionism etc. Or  even sculptures.

It's very important to make sure the art fits what you like, the interior design and property style. It should only enhance and light up the area for your benefits. One off setting can make a huge difference.


The case may also be, after spending so many months in that room (house/corporate/healthcare) you might think of remodeling a room. It's a good time now to consider incorporating artwork.


Budget, Personality, Age, and Lifestyle is very important. We want to help everybody. We filter your art likes and dislikes, color and style of furniture and what type of room and building area it is. Once we have the information we need, then we can source your artwork interest, in speedy time and make sure the clients are happy and work along side us with each step.

Communication is key. We would host zoom meetings with the client or need in person. Depending on location and safety protocols .



Send out a portfolio or even come fit and suit the art work at the space where it should go. We have safety covid protocals in place. We also offer hanging, lighting, framing and insurance services as well.

And VOILA!!!

Woman Hanging Framed Photos
Tropical Print Sofa and Wall
Graffiti Artists
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